October 30, 2020

Hi there. It’s Blair.

We’ve enjoyed seeing the haunted hayrides and haunted houses on social media from many of you. We love seeing you having fun during this crazy time.

Which got us thinking… and we became curious about haunted houses. Where did the idea begin? What problem was being solved? Why are they so irresistible?

It’s a really interesting story. After the stock market crash of 1929, kids with little to do began to use Halloween as an excuse to scare people and wreak havoc. They would hide in the shadows of abandoned houses and then jump out at people when they walked by. They also vandalized or burned down these abandoned homes.

Scary Clown stock image for blog article When Did Haunted Houses Begin

By 1933, the idea of recruiting the kids to participate in organized haunted houses had caught on. Families and communities worked weeks in advance to decorate their own buildings or when possible an abandoned house. They also made costumes and makeup for the kids. Then it was show time. This really brought communities together during a dark time.

The modern day elaborate haunted house traces its roots back to the late 1960s when Disneyland created “The Haunted Mansion”. It took haunted houses and scaring people to a new realm of fright. By the early 1970s many commercial and highly produced haunted houses, haunted hayrides, and outdoor scream parks came into being.

Supply Chain Problems – Don’t wait.

Jen and I hope you and your family are doing well. We continue on our journey of creating an original brand with cool giftable products. Our Pittsburgh Ross Park Mall showroom is doing well, and we have a good selection of products right now. It’s the perfect time to shop for the holidays.

Now more scary stuff… supply chain continues to be a challenge. We’ll be selling out of some of our popular items and won’t be able to manufacturer more until next year.

Don’t wait to visit our Pittsburgh showroom or shop our virtual store here online.

For blog article image of the main sales floor of Rosie's Workshop brick-and-mortar flagship store in Pittsburgh in Ross Park Mall.

How is the mall?

Ross Park Mall has been great to work with through this time. If it wasn’t for the awesome team at Simon Properties, we wouldn’t have made it through. They’ve worked hard to make changes to insure everyone’s safety. They clean constantly, implemented traffic controls and have significantly increased ventilation. You’ll notice the wind when you come to our showroom.

Remember to shop local. Dollars spent local stay in your community. Go out and support those businesses you love!

Warmest wishes,

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