May 18, 2020

Hi there! It’s Blair from Rosie’s. Jen and I miss seeing you.

We thought we would change up our stories to be a place for you to find a little joy, light and happiness. This will be a regular thing – we hope you’ll read on and begin to look forward to some good news.

We’re doing good, everyone is healthy and safe. We hope you are too. We’ve been able to keep paying our employees during the closure and they’re both doing well and helping out virtually. We even got the illusive PPP during the last day of the first round – we couldn’t believe it.

As you probably have read in the news, Ross Park remains closed at this time. We’re waiting for word on when it will reopen. We have created a reopening plan and begun implementing so we can open as soon as it’s possible. We just received some cool MCM blue arrows for the floor. If we’re going to be required to have markers on the floor, they will be cool!

After the mall closed, we headed to Chautauqua, NY and our full workshop. It snowed for the next 11 days. We pretended to have the white Christmas we missed last year. I cooked “Lake Effect Beef-stew” from and we hunkered down. The next morning, we took a walk on rails-to-trails behind our place and saw a herd of white-tailed deer cross the path. The last one stopped and stared us down. Finally, she snorted annoyance our way and then hurried on.

It was a few days later we discovered what has become our favorite TV show – Some Good News. It’s the best 20 minutes of your week trust me! It’s a YouTube program by John Krasinski. I am an Office fan from day one and now a Jack Ryan devotee. But this is the Krasinski you always figured he was – warm hearted, dad, and all-around great guy. You should check out his Virtual Prom and the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Zoom Performance.

We look at this time as opportunity. We are thankful for time to focus and do good work. Work we were putting off. Jen has been relentless in standing up an awesome e-commerce store – Yes, you can buy Rosie online! You can see products in hi-resolution, read detailed stories, watch videos from the store and actually purchase.

Besides editing 1000s of photographs, writing constantly, coding late at night and banging our heads on our keyboards trying to figure out Pinterest, we have been hard at work building inventory, designing new products and telling stories.

Oh my! We have some great new stories to share. We have Elvis Presley and his first 8mm movie camera – you even watch him during his first years in 1956. We have the tale of two strong armed movie projectionists in 1907 started a company that disrupted an industry. You can read these and more in the Story section of our website and on-line store.

The snow finally stopped here weeks later, and the glorious sun came out. The grass greened up overnight. We went from 30 degrees to 70 in a day. Honeysuckle leafed out and the smell of actual spring infused the air around us. I woke up early as the sun peeked over the ridge. While enjoying my first cup of coffee, I saw our resident bunny family near my still empty herb bed and our resident ground hog further out munching on tender leaves happily. Those greens are something he hasn’t tasted in about five months. He looked up at me with his permanent smile and a look of thanks. For that brief moment all felt right with the world.

We hope peace and happiness to you and your family. Take time to look for those moments that can make your day, sometimes your week. Take care, be kind and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Warmest wishes,

Blair Jen Koss Closing Signature

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