July 10, 2020

Hi there. It’s Jen.

I hope you’re enjoying some of this beautiful summer weather. I definitely am. Swedes love summertime and being a large part Swedish, I’m soaking up summer warmth and sun like a sponge. I did something the other night that I haven’t done since a kid. Catch lighting bugs. Our house in Chautauqua overlooks an idyllic hay field with an expansive view of Lake Erie. Every June and July that hay field explodes with lighting bugs.

Rosies Workshop in Chautauqua overlooks an idyllic hay field with an expansive view of Lake Erie

I was in the kitchen doing dishes, Blair asleep on the couch. I absent-mindedly gazed out the window when glowing creatures caught my eye. I stopped everything, grabbed a jar, and dashed outside barefoot and all.

I ran around the yard catching the little glow bugs. Tightening the lid, I was transported back to my Swedish Grandfather’s summer cottage. His beloved Sommarstuga. It was a simple dwelling on the shore of Lake Erie, painted red and white, surrounded by garden gnomes, with a stone fireplace. Suddenly I was a little girl again running around outside his cottage in my nightgown. Grandma Rosie with me explaining that lighting bugs were actually fairies in disguise. She wove a tale about how fairies and elves danced under the star filled summer sky. That the elves could mistake me as one of their own. It was pure magic.

The Magic of Memories

It’s fascinating how things can express our memories. My house is a modern version of that Swedish cottage. Red wood siding, white trim, stacked stone. An open, light filled interior. Warm, simple, well-made, allowing nature to take center stage. Very Swedish. Then there’s my beloved, well-worn copy of Lord of the Rings. It’s Grandma Rosie with all her gnomes, fairies, and elves. There’s such joy when the things you purposely surround yourself with are filled with the magic of memories.

Koss house from outside A modern version of a Swedish cottage Red wood siding white trim stacked stone An open light filled interior Warm simple well made allowing nature to take center stage Very Swedish

Things with Meaning

We love to bring the magic of memories to others. The ability to transport you to a different time, place, emotion. I love to hear someone say, “This trumpet lamp reminds me of Dad. Or Harry Potter is such a great childhood memory for me. My cool light reminds me of that.” That’s why we only make things with meaning.

We Believe:

  • Making Things Matters.  We produce products that will last. Our goods honor the materials they’re made with and the hard work of folks who care enough to make great things. This in turn creates value and meaning for society.
  • People Matter.  The ultimate experience is still the human experience. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, have opportunity, be safe and healthy, and be able to contribute their unique talents.
  • Sustainability.   We want there to be lighting bugs and magic filled nights for future generations. That’s why we do everything we can to minimize waste. This means recycling where possible and also making things to last with the highest quality parts, engineered for long-life and assembled with excellence.

On these long summer days, I encourage you to dream a little. Allow memory to take you back to a magical place. Dare yourself to be playful and in the process create awesome new memories.

Peace & Happiness.

Blair Jen Koss Closing Signature

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