February 12, 2021

Hey everyone! It’s Jen.

Wow! The sun graced our presence once this week. Hey, I’ll take whatever sunshine I can get these days. The sky was blue and the sun bright. The birds were giddy, and I thought about this month of connection.

When one feels connected, they feel wanted. Part of something bigger than themselves, even loved. When I think about those I care about, those who have most impacted my life, it all boils down to a deep connection. A bond. A time when your life intertwines with someone else.

Connection is such a vital part of who we are. We’re wired for it.

Basement Makeover: Your Connection Room

Image for blog The Basement Makeover Group enjoying a funroom Purchased from iStockcom

Our homes are seeing a lot more action than they have in years with how much we’re staying at home. Many of you have visited our showroom planning and finalizing your basement makeover. That’s because we sell products that connect people. We strive to touch people in a real way.

Your basements are becoming the ultimate connection room. The space where you relax, watch movies, exercise, play, and have fun. The room you feel most at home in.

And we can’t wait to see how your basement transforms into the coolest home theater, music room, game room, or home office that KILLS IT on Zoom calls!

Customer Connections

We love when our customers connect with us and share that connection with the world.

Jillian and Addie

Take YouTube Superstars Jillian and Addie who have been Rosie superfans since early on. They featured a Rosie creation in their video about becoming a monster in order to kick Dad’s (aka Bob’s) butt at pinball. This dynamic trio reaches millions of viewers weekly. The fact that Rosie was able to help them connect and joyfully entertain their audience is just awesome.


Another cool story is of Rosie customer Funfara. Dr. Duke is a certified psychiatrist. But it’s not all clinical at Funfara. Oh no. Funfara’s mission is to be fun and provide helpful ways to live a flourishing life. Each Friday team Funfara launchs a new video to inspire laughter and human connection. Here at camp Rosie this 46-year-old is thoroughly enjoying acting like a kid, finding joy in simple yet powerful lessons.

Connection is such a powerful motivation. If you’re still working on your connection room, stop by and visit us at Rosie’s Workshop. We’re here to help.

Peace and happiness.

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