Kodak Hawkeye with Flash Camera Light


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Interesting and original desk, bookshelf, accent light made from a vintage camera of long ago. The Kodak Hawkeye was an iconic camera with its Bakelite finish and oversized flash attachment. Simple, easy to use with point and shoot function. Many families had one of these wonderful cameras. See below for detailed story.

Rosie original vintage camera light:

  • Measurements: 13″ tall, 9.5″wide, 9″ deep
  • Rosie red badge
  • Certificate of authenticity that includes the story behind the camera
  • Original flash attachment with vintage blue flash bulb
  • Includes a large G40 globe style incandescent Edison light bulb
  • Proudly made in Chautauqua, NY USA

This accent/ desk light is made with the finest new lighting components available. This includes:

  • Eight (8) foot long vintage inspired fabric cord with 2-prong plug
  • Fully functional in-line dimmer switch good for up to 120 volts
  • Heavy duty metal and chrome E26 socket (standard light bulb socket)
  • Brand new warm comforting incandescent Edison light bulb hand-spun from the PL&T company in Garland, TX. It is 40 watts with unique filament pattern. Light bulb rated for 3,000 hours. Click here to purchase replacement bulbs.
  • Maximum 100 watts
  • All parts are UL component listed (c UR us) for United States and Canada

We start with the vintage camera we procure through various camera and antiques dealers nationwide. It has been sitting in an attic or basement for 50+ years and is non-functioning. We lovingly visually restore it with the following:

  • Removal of nicotine, mold, mildew with various solvents
  • Dissemble and clean the lenses and optics
  • Metal polishing using various cleaners and polishing agents
  • Leather cleaning, repair and conditioning
  • Please note: Each light is a little different and will not match the pictures exactly. The camera while clean and complete will have 50 to 80 years of wear and patina that gives it awesome character! Think of all the memories the thing captured. Contact us with questions.

In stock

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Story Summary

Many people remember this camera held by an enthusiastic uncle, blinding everyone during the holidays. If you look at pictures from that time, the subjects all have the look of surprise in their eyes. There was not a way to perfectly coordinate the flash with the shutter. The flash bulbs were very bright and burned for about ½ of a second to ensure the room was bright when shutter opened on the camera.

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Camera Description

The Hawkeye was produced from 1949 to 1961 by Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY. It eventually replaced the Brownie Six-20 box camera but used the same 620 film format. It was also a simple to use point and shoot camera. The Bakelite camera was iconic with its large bell flash unit. This flash popularized indoor shooting with the safety of the P25 blue-dot daylight flashbulb.

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