Jazz Club Story Candle


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Narrative through smell and fire. We dreamed up memories and experiences, wrote them down. Then we worked with the Master Aromachologist at Tiki Botanicals in Columbus, Ohio to create complex, soul moving scents. See below for detailed story.

Rosie’s Story Candles are the bomb.

  • 100% pure soy wax with no colorants
  • Cosmetic grade fragrances scented 8% by volume
  • Created and poured by hand


  • Small   7oz    25 hour burn time
  • Medium   18oz   45 hour burn time
  • Large   32oz    55 hour burn time
  • Travel Tin   3.5oz    10 hour burn time

If purchasing more than more Story Candle, contact jen@rosiefurniture.com and we’ll be happy to combine shipping costs for you!

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Jazz Jam Session for Rosie's Workshop Story Candle - Jazz Club. Purchased from iStock.com.

Cocktails, leather, cigar and vibes

Late Autumn. The City. Your first time to a small intimate club. Leather booth, small table, cool company, great conversation.

A couple of numbers in, you’re engaged in small talk, the music is background. Then a snare. A cord. A rhythm. The table falls silent. All heads turn to the stage. Magic. It changes your life. Music is never the same for you.

Every time you hear a chord progression, the smells of worn leather, smoke, and brass flood your brain. Your tongue registers the tinge of berry and good whiskey from your first properly prepared cocktail. The base thumps in your heart forever. Great live music brings people together. Brings humanity together. Makes the world a better place. Order another and stay for the third set.

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