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Interesting and original accent light hand crafted from 80+ year-old reclaimed barn wood sourced from Western PA and Southern Tier NY. Each idea box is lovingly hand-sanded and finished with artisan oil paints with furniture grade polyurethane. Only 300 were created and we’re down to the last few remaining. Once gone, the Idea Box will be retired.

Rosie original idea box light:

  • Measurements: 11″ tall, 6″ wide, 6″ deep
  • Rosie red badge
  • Certificate of authenticity that includes the story behind the Idea Box
  • Includes a large G40 globe style incandescent Edison light bulb
  • Proudly made in Chautauqua, NY USA

This accent/ desk light is made with the finest new lighting components available. This includes:

  • Eight (8) foot long vintage inspired fabric cord with 2-prong plug
  • Fully functional in-line dimmer switch good for up to 120 volts
  • Heavy duty E26 Bakelite socket (standard light bulb socket)
  • Brand new warm comforting incandescent Edison light bulb hand-spun from the PL&T company in Garland, TX. It is 40 watts with unique filament pattern. Light bulb rated for 3,000 hours. Click here to purchase replacement bulbs.
  • Maximum 100 watts
  • All parts are UL component listed (c UR us) for United States and Canada

Please note: Due to the nature of 80+ year old barn wood and the individual handwork in each light, your idea box will not match the pictures exactly. Contact us with questions.

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Story Summary

The Idea Box was the first product Rosie created. We’re all about ideas and making them real.

The simple lightbulb is not so simple. It has over 200 years of trial and error by seven people. Thomas Edison was the seventh and it took him over a thousand experiments and designs to find a long-lasting electric lightbulb. The filament bulb is patent 223898 granted on January 27, 1880.

The invention of the lightbulb unleashed the modern era of electrification and progress. Hats off to you Mr. Edison.

Ideas do happen at the click of a switch. The glowing filaments always inspire. There are still infinite ideas and inventions waiting to be found in the ether. Let’s get going.

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