Coffee Break Story Candle


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Scent notes and inspiration: Coffee, waffles, caramel, sweetness and escape. Narrative through smell and flame. See below for detailed story.

Rosie’s Story Candles are poured by hand in America and contain:

  • 100% pure soy wax with no colorants
  • Cosmetic grade fragrances scented 8% by volume (the max soy wax can absorb)
  • Finest cotton made wicks
  • Beautiful containers that can be recycled or reused
  • Sizes:
    • Small   7oz    25 hour burn time
    • Medium   18oz   45 hour burn time

Small:  $8 flat rate shipping
Medium: $15 flat rate shipping
If purchasing more than one Story Candle, contact us and we’ll be happy to combine shipping costs for you!

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We dreamed up memories and experiences, wrote them down. Then we worked with the Master Aromachologist at Tiki Botanicals in Columbus, Ohio to create complex, soul moving scents.

Soy candles are better in that they burn slower, so your candle lasts longer!  Also, soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin and results in less soot.

Does the scent change over time?

No! This is why we use the finest ingredients available. Your “smell” experience will be the same whether it’s your first burn or your last. Soy wax is an excellent carrier of fragrance and doesn’t require extra chemicals to ensure an awesome well-balanced, true-to-scent candle.

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Coffee, waffle, caramel, sweetness & escape

Nothing’s better than escaping work to the coffee shop and then staying too long. The delicious aromas of fresh espresso, frothing milk and sweet baked goods.

It’s marvelous how the first breath in the door makes your troubles go away. The nagging boss, whining neighbor. Gone! The friendly barista with that smile. Oh, my that smile. And he always knows your name.

With a kick of caffeine, you’re off to the fantasy of stardom and notoriety. One sip and you catch the eye of the perfect man. He shyly looks back at you.

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