Revere 8mm Model 44 1951

Ted Briskin, son of company founder Samuel Briskin, began managing the Revere Camera Company in 1938. He became one of Chicago’s most successful young businessmen by 1948.

Ted Briskin and Betty Hutton with Bob Hope 1950

He utilized that success to mix it up in Hollywood. Over two decades he married three starlets including Betty Hutton, Joan Dixon and Colleen Miller.

Revere Camera and Projector Advertisement Late 1940s

What made him great at business worked against him in Southern California. Midwest arrogance with WWII values rubbed his wives and other people the wrong way. Ted was a regular at Hollywood’s finest parties and the tabloids had a field day with his antics.

Ted Briskin

Revere 8mm movie cameras were made from the late 1920s through 1960s. In the early 1950s Revere’s design changed radically to sleek modern lines exemplified by the Model 40 and 44. Ted is credited with the new designs influenced by the modern design movement of Southern CA.

Revere Model 44 Instructions diagram
Revere Camera Company early 1950s.
Revere 8mm Camera and Projector Advertisement 1947.