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KIT-002 – Dimmer with flush mount E-26 socket


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Example uses – Vintage camera lights, small boxes or cylinders, metal toys.

This kit features an inline dimmer on 9-foot-long vintage inspired fabric cord, parts for flush mounting socket to smaller metal object, box camera, wooden box. This is the kit we make the Kodak Six-16 box camera light. Parts included:

  • 9-foot-long vintage inspired cord, 2 wire, 18-gauge, ends have brass sleeves for easy attachments
  • Inline rotary dimmer for LED and incandescent bulbs (125V, 150-watt max)
    • Note: Dimmer is permanently installed 18-inches from attachment leads end and cannot be moved.
  • Black plastic E-26 socket with two mounting rings
  • Hardware assortment includes:
    • 1X M10 nickel plated strain relief
    • 1X M10 standard hex nut (for strain relief attachment)
    • Note: Hardware required is limited because the socket has its own threading and rings – see diagram.
  • Have a different design in mind? We offer additional hardware with an add-on kit.

IMPORTANT: You can’t mix and match our parts and kits with parts from most US sellers. The threading of the nuts and piping are different because we use the European standard (called M10). Other US suppliers’ parts are the US standard (called 1/8IP).

We accept returns for kits for any reason within 30-days. A $10 restocking fee is charged, and you’re responsible for return shipping costs. All kits are quality checked and tested before they’re sent to you.

Interested in multiple kits? Contact us  for volume pricing and shipping discounts .

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Exceptional quality, heavy duty, featuring vintage inspired fabric cords that is Component UL listed for the United States. These are the ultimate lighting cord kits used by top designers and architects. These kits include all the parts and pieces you need to build various types of lighting. Our customers produce:

  • Custom table lights
  • Instrument lights
  • Antique toy lights
  • Vintage camera lights
  • Movie projector lights
  • Flush mount box lights

Our kits are made to European standards (M10) resulting in much higher quality than you typically find online or in hobby shops in the United States. We developed these parts directly with our manufacturer to make the ultimate quality lighting in our own studio.

Now we offer them to you!

Kits include heavy metal parts with perfect nickel plating. Smooth precise switching. Stylish fabric covering on round electric 18-gauge cord. All cords are spun coiled at the factory to eliminate the kinking found on most other cords.

“The quality is absolutely outstanding. I can’t find anything like these on the internet.” – Satisfied customer

“Professional quality. Used in hotel lighting projects. These are a must for any designer or architect.”

“Assembly is easy. The parts fit together nicely. The cords are absolutely beautiful.”

We’re often asked, “How do we achieve the quality of our lighting and where can the parts be bought?” We thought it would be helpful to write a longer explanation on this topic for those of you who love details.

Quality is what we’re about.

We make heirloom quality lighting that is meant to last multiple lifetimes. For us, quality is paramount. It must be safe, solid, with thick perfect nickel plating. Able to be rewired or repaired without destroying parts, probably in about 50 years.

To be clear these are the most expensive cord kits you will ever find.

Our input costs are much higher because of the quality we demand. Our manufacturer serves many of Europe’s finest lighting companies. When we first started, we tried dozens of suppliers and manufacturers finding the samples to be inferior and unacceptable. It was endless. Cheap tin, fraying cords, nickel plating problems, missing UL certification, incorrect wire gauge, dimmers that didn’t support LED dimmable bulbs, miscast piping and nuts.

Metric vs. English standard.

Our one challenge is that all the parts are metric, the European standard so we can’t mix and match other suppliers’ parts when creating our lighting.  All our parts are metric (called M10) instead of the US standard (called 1/8IP). CRITICAL: you can’t mix and match our parts and kits with parts from most US sellers. The threading of nuts and piping are different.

We have the best lamp holders and socket.

We’re immensely proud of our heavy-duty lamp holder and socket assembly. It’s extra thick metal with thick nickel plating on a four-piece assembly design. Beauty, long-life and safety was a priority. It seems like a simple thing, but it isn’t.

We found similar lamp holders on-line that we tried to use. They were lightweight and “one-use only” push-in wire attachment which frequently broke when connecting the wires. It only disassembles to three pieces instead of the proper four pieces. This means the base and screw ring are the same piece. This can twist the attached wires during assembly weakening wire connection and cause failure at the customers house or directly pulling wires out during assembly. And if for any reason you need to detach the connected wires, the socket is ruined and will need replaced. Horrible product.

Attention to detail.

For style, fancy knurl nuts and metal strain reliefs are magical. Knurl nuts are the round nuts that look like little gears. We spec our knurl nuts to be extra thick with the finest quality nickel plating.

We searched endlessly for the perfect strain relief; the little round unit that secure the electrical cord from being pulled out of the light. What we landed on was extra heavy duty with nickel plating and a beautiful design with gearing.

Our knurl nuts and strain reliefs will absolutely bring your project to the next level.

Our nuts are a thing of beauty.

One thing that drives us crazy is thin poorly threaded nuts and piping – it’s miserable to work with. On researching light manufacturing it’s critical to use thicker hex nuts with lock washers for tight, long-term assembly.

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