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Andy Warhol Bolex 16mm Movie Camera Table Light


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Original table light from an iconic Swiss made Bolex H 16 mm movie camera with its chrome, leather and 3-lens turret. Many famous directors and filmmakers started their careers filming with this type of camera. Andy Warhol used this type movie camera in The Factory. See below for detailed story.

  • Measurements:
      • Approx. 22″ tall, 7″ wide, and 10″ deep
      • 10″ heavy duty harp and finial
      • Drum Lamp Shade Options:
        • Black Reptile Print with silver lining 15″ x 15″ x 11″
        • Embroidered 16″x 16″x 11″ off white and tan
        • White Suede/ silver dot 16″ x 16″ x 11″
  • Rosie red badge
  • The movie camera is a vintage Paillard Bolex H16, many of its parts are non-functioning. We have visually restored the body and its controls to make a fine quality table lamp.
  • All parts are UL component listed (c UR us) for United States and Canada
  • Proudly made in Chautauqua, NY USA

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In stock

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The camera is complete but not functioning. Quality new lighting components include heavy marble base, vintage inspired fabric cord with 3-way switch.

This table lamp is made with the finest new lighting components available. This includes:

  • Eight (8) foot long vintage inspired fabric cord with 2-prong plug
  • 3-way switch supports both 120 volts and 240 volts
  • Heavy duty metal and chrome E26 socket, standard medium socket, with a heavy-duty harp and finial
  • Includes Cree 3-way LED lightbulb 40/60/100-watt equivalent with 2700K warm light
  • Maximum 150 watts

We start with the vintage camera we procure through various camera and antiques dealers nationwide. It has been sitting in an attic or basement for 50+ years and is mechanically not working and non-functioning. We lovingly visually restore it with the following:

  • Removal of nicotine, mold, mildew with various solvents
  • Dissemble and clean the lenses and optics
  • Metal polishing using various cleaners and polishing agents
  • Leather cleaning, repair and conditioning
  • Please note: Each light is a little different and will not match the pictures exactly. The camera while clean and complete will have 50 to 80 years of wear and patina that gives it awesome character! Think of all the memories the thing captured. Contact us with questions.

Story Summary

In the photo archives there are numerous shots with actors and filmmakers shooting with a Bolex H-series movie camera. Big and stylish, it offered the tools one needed. It weighed about five pounds. The standard H-series was made from 1935 to 1947. The 16 mm spring wound Bolex is a popular introductory camera in film schools. Then and now.

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Camera Description

Bolex was considered the best equipment for personal film and movie making. It was made in Switzerland featuring the spring wound clockwork drive until 1971. The cameras were very expensive and are still used today. This camera has the spring-wound clockwork power system. We search for cameras and parts beyond repair and then clean and visually refurbish to create the illusion of a complete camera.


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