Customer Liz Covey's Rosie camera light that tops of the family's vintage camera collection on wall.

We are new to the area, having retired recently from the military.  The military has brought us from coast to coast and overseas. At each location we were stationed, I found myself drawn to photography to document our lives in the moment and the world around us, which in part, helped mold us to what we are today. I began my journey of photography with a Pentax K1000 to learn via film and it was the first of my collection of vintage cameras, but definitely not my last! At each location, I would find a vintage camera to remember our time there.

From moving to all different types and houses, we have always had to re-furnish our house to meet our style and comfort.  Our favorite room in any house we have lived is the family room, as it is typically cozy, warm and has the TV. Over all the moves, the family room has gone from marble to wood paneling to wallpaper and finally drywall. At last, we are in our forever home and my Rosie captures the essence of our history.  It’s old, yet modern, it emanates a warm glow and displays picture perfect. I have placed it at the top of all my camera’s, proudly displayed on the wall. When new people come to visit, they always ask, and our Rosie has become a permanent story in our family, where we have come from, where we have gone and where we are now.

Liz Covey
Buffalo, NY
Creative Interest:  Photography
Liz Covey's family wall of vintage camera collection, including a Rosie camera light.
Customer Liz Covey's Rosie vintage camera light - Yashica Electro 35.