Kodak Retina iii 35mm camera made in Germany

In 1931 Kodak bought the Nagel Camera Werks AG. Their goal was to make high-end cameras. They kept August Nagel on, leaving design and production in Stuttgart. He created the Kodak Retina series. The first cameras to use 35mm still film.

It was a huge success and the Retina series of cameras were used by many professional photographers for on-the-street candid shots. The quality was excellent.

Ruth Orkin, photojournalist used Kodak Retina cameras for outdoor action shots

One of the most famous was Ruth Orkinan. An award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker from the 1940s to 1970s. Some of her most important work was shot with these small cameras. She shot for Look and Life magazines and is credited with breaking into the heavily male dominated field of photojournalism.

Ruth Orkin Used Kodak Retina cameras for outdoor action shots

Norman Rockwell also used the Retina to capture scenes. Rockwell is known to have always started with a photograph to create his paintings.

Norman Rockwell Was known to use Kodak Retina Camera to take original photos for his paintings
It's likely Norman Rockwell shot this original photo for Running Away using a Kodak Retina iii.
Here's the Saturday Evening Post September 20, 1958 with Norman Rockwell's Running Away painting.
Kodak Retina Camera used as prop in Movie "Catch me if you can" starring Leonardo DiCaprio © 2002 Dreamworks LLC