Customer Dan Ramsey sitting on the couch with his Rosie projector lamp on the side table behind him.

I stumbled upon Rosie Furniture & Lighting’s pop-up grand opening by chance when cycling around   Westfield. Awestruck by their inventory of small still and movie camera lamps, I purchased a vintage art-deco Kodak Brownie Camera Lamp with Edison style hand spun bulb. Other inventory of interest had already sold out! Two additional lamps came home with me later that summer, a 1930’s 8mm home projector and 1900’s Goodwin Folding camera mounted atop a tripod, with documentation and certification of each camera framed and mounted alongside them.

Inspired by Blair and Jen’s attention to design (tubing & fittings, metallic keyed socket, & cloth covered electrical cord), this past summer I renovated my living room by repainting 3 walls in engagement silver and front wall in atrium white and re-staged it as a theatre/photo studio themed design. I guess the vintage camera lamps beauty and illumination resonated well, with my youngest son aged 14 giving me the thumbs up saying they were “Dope”. I guess that means cool in today’s teenage speak. Low voltage retro style industrial LED track lighting with barn door fixtures now complete the Cine theme on the main floor of the house.

This past Christmas I previewed my home by hosting a Swedish style smorgasbord to friends and family who were wowed by the clean & classic lines of the space, replete with a 1930’s feeling and augmented with my rather dated and well used furniture.  The lamps nicely illuminated the festive environment that sparked interesting conversation.

My interaction with Jen and Blair transcends the traditional business-client relationship. As I continue my home remodeling, their creative input and experience in design and fabrication of postwar modern heavy-duty steel and wood furniture has inspired me to augment my kitchen with an industrial look and feeling. Thanks Rosie’s for accompanying me on this creative journey, as friends.

Dan K. Ramsey
Snyder, NY
Customer Dan Ramsey's Rosie floor lamp beside the couch with a young man sitting on couch.
Customer Dan Ramsey's Brownie Six-20 camera accent light on table with holiday decoration.
Customer Dan Ramsey's Rosie floor lamp beside the couch.
Customer Dan Ramsey's Brownie Six-20 camera accent light on table next to story and flower.
Customer Dan Ramsey's living room with a Rosie projector lamp and a floor lamp on either side of the couch.
Customer Dan Ramsey's Rosie projector lamp on side table.