June 25, 2020

Hi there! It’s Blair from Rosie’s. We just watched a magnificent storm blow in from Lake Erie. It was something. It’s been dry up at our Chautauqua studio and the rain is most welcome. We’ve been able to come up to Chautauqua a few days each week. This has been great for production of our hand-built lighting and for working on the business.

If you haven’t seen our Ross Park Mall store recently, we have many new items and displays. Yes, the Very Open sign is brightly lit again. You’ll find some cool space age pieces for your home office. Check out the rocket clock and ray gun bookends! Rosie can help you create the coolest background for those Zoom calls.

Image for blog article - create cool home offices.Space age pieces for your home office.

Home Office Design

Jen & I worked remotely for over 10 years before starting Rosie’s Workshop. Long before it was a cool thing. So long that people would routinely ask if we had real jobs because we didn’t travel to an office every day! Needless to say, over the years we learned much about creating a personal, productive and ergonomic space.

What’s great about working from home besides wearing sweatpants with a dress shirt, is creating your work environment without Corporate and the HR department being involved. No more office cubes, no more Formica desk, no more chair with the crack snagging your clothes. AND you get to celebrate you! Your interests, your tastes. How great is that?

Your home office can be so much better than anything HR can requisition. And Rosie can help.

We’re excited about a new offering and service Jen has developed. We can help you map out your home office for design, flow and ergonomics. We have supplier connections to unique and impossible to find furniture, displays and décor. Showcasing an awesome background for video conferencing will be an important part of corporate culture.

Jen’s background includes commercial design work for restaurants and retail. She can help you map everything out in a 3D model. Then you can walk in a virtual version of the future space. Get a feel for the finished project before you’ve started the journey.

Make it yours! We can help you create your own artwork for your walls using your own photos or pictures you just love. Complete customization on canvas prints, metal prints and other photo enlargements. We continue to offer services to upcycle your own cameras, projectors and musical instruments into unique and functional lighting. Contact us if you have a special project in mind.

Rosie's Workshop - for blog article. Image of a home office that's personal. Celebrate you! Your interests, your tastes.

Puddles and Dudley Stop for a Visit

We had a pleasant surprise yesterday. We were finishing a project in the studio when we heard loud quacking. We poked our heads out the door and saw Puddles and Dudley running up our drive. They’re our neighbors’ ducks. They visited for a while; it seems the bugs are better on this side of the fence.

Image for blog article - ducks Puddles and Dudley running up the drive for Rosie's Workshop.

The bunny from one of our earlier letters has had her babies. We’re now seeing three little ones tentatively eating grass just a few feet from our patio. Mom stays under the hedge nearby watching us nervously. Even with all the carrots we left for her in the spring, no trust.

Please take care of yourself and others when you can. Be safe and we’ll see you soon.

Warmest wishes,

Blair & Jen Koss Closing Signature

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