June 11, 2020

Hi there. It’s Jen this time.

Well, we’re excited to be reopened at Ross Park Mall. It was such a refreshing change to leave the house, drive to work, and see other people. In Person! I was like a little kid jumping up and down, waving, and saying, “Hi, how are you? Great to see you.” as I saw fellow coworkers and customers this week.

I’ve been moved by all of you, our customers and friends. Blair and I appreciate your belief and love in what we’re doing. I turned 46 on June 4, and your support for Rosie’s with on-line sales and stopping in-person this past week was the most awesome birthday gift! You all become Gift-Giving Superstars in my book.

I get goose bumps how over time we’ve become known as the brand where you can score that perfect gift for the person who’s impossible to buy for. Our hearts skip a beat when we help you give the best gift ever.

Gift image for blog article celebrating Gift Giving Superstars

Lisa from Pittsburgh

There’s something special in experiencing the joy of being a Gift-Giving Superstar. Lisa from Pittsburgh purchased a drum side table for her husband’s birthday. We put our creative hats on finding a time to quietly deliver the drum to her home so she could surprise him. She sent him out on an errand at just the right time. A few days later, she called me after his birthday over the moon. She said she never gets the chance to surprise him. You could hear pure happiness in Lisa’s voice as her husband was thunderstruck with his gift. It glows in his new home office.

Silvia from Anaheim Hills

Silvia is another cool story. Her gift ended up being a belated birthday gift. She was so patient while I madly worked on getting our e-commerce site running. As soon as we were ready, operation gift-giving went into effect. Throughout the entire process Silvia was like a giddy schoolgirl who could barely contain herself about her husband Parris’s gift.

Silvia’s words and pictures say it all…

The saxophone light arrived today. Nothing like a happy man. Parris was speechless with his late birthday surprise. Beautiful lamp. We will visit your store again soon, when we come back to PA to visit our daughter. Thank you! – Silvia

Rosie's Workshop - Happy Customer Parris with his Saxophone Light.

Rosie's Workshop -Happy customers Parris with his wife Silvia.

What a thrill to leave someone speechless. To share an awe-inspiring emotional experience together. We’re honored we can help.

As we re-enter society, become a little kid yourself jumping up and down, waving, and saying, “Hi, how are you? It’s so awesome to see you.”

Enjoy the sunshine.
Peace & Happiness-

Blair Jen Koss Closing Signature

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