September 3, 2020

Hi there. It’s Jen.

I can’t believe Labor Day is here. It’s that perfect time of year where the warm, relaxing days of summer begin to blend with the cooler, crisp evenings of fall. My favorite seasons are summer and fall in part because I LOVE bonfires!

My love affair with bonfires began as a kid and I have my Dad’s family to thank. My Grandpa Burdick started the tradition. Throughout the summer as he cleaned up brush and trimmed trees, he would create a bonfire pile. As soon as the pile’s size was just right” – think small garage – enough fuel to burn down the neighbor’s house, he would invite the entire neighborhood over. Multiple families showed up bringing food, adult beverages, and enough sugar to keep us kids wide awake well past midnight. There was plenty of music, laughter, children wired from root-beer floats, and grown-ups comfortably buzzed on their adult beverages. Everyone always had a great time at the Burdick bonfires.

Rosie's Workshop - for Blog - Huge Neighborhood Bonefire.

A Burdick Bonfire. Told you it was big………

Fast forward to my adult years and one of the first things Blair and I did as newlyweds was have bonfires together. Around the fire we dreamed our future, laughed at stupid things, and enjoyed the simple pleasure of escaping life for a couple of hours. We were thrilled when our neighborhood in Chautauqua started having community bonfires. Once again, I could enjoy a night of friends, good food, kids high on sugar, and plenty of “those” beverages. Oh boy do I love bonfires…

So, what do bonfires have in common with candles besides the fire part? The story.

Introducing Story Candles!

We’re always looking for new ways to transport you to a different time, place, emotion. Our mission with Story Candles is to combine narrative through smell and fire.

And these are not your ordinary average candles. Oh no. These are premium soy wax with high octane cosmetic grade scents in the coolest ceramic containers. If you love candles, these are for you. Made with the love and care you’d expect from Rosie’s!

Rosie's Workshop original Story Candles. Hand crafted, 100% pure soy wax, cosmetic grade scents, the finest cotton made wicks. Storytelling through smell & fire.

Rosie’s Workshop original Story Candles. Hand crafted, 100% pure soy wax, cosmetic grade scents, the finest cotton made wicks. Storytelling through smell & fire.

We dreamed up memories and experiences, wrote them down. We then worked with the Master Aromachologist at Tiki Botanicals in Columbus, Ohio to create complex, soul moving scents. We specifically formulated each candle so that the aroma would engage your mind to wander with the narrative. Transport you back to a wonderful memory or dream of what the future may hold.

The experience I wanted to recreate was of those Burdick neighborhood bonfire parties.

Introducing Bonfires and Bad Decisions 

This story candle was the first to sell out during our sample testing. It’s a rich complex scent of wood, whiskey, and a touch of youthful exuberance.

This candle brings a smile to your face remembering bonfires nearly out of control. Fun evenings and empty kegs. Decisions that were at best foolish. Undeniably the next morning’s ugly headache. But wasn’t it fun? Living in the moment? Leaving reality for a while with the joy of escape that’s so integral to living.

As fall quickly approaches, I recommend striking that match, gather the family around, sip a root-beer float or Jack & Coke, and soak up the warm, magical glow of a bonfire.

Peace & Happiness-

Blair & Jen Koss Closing Signature

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