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Kodak Brownie 8mm – The Disneyland Home Movie Camera

This camera was hawked at Disneyland in the late 50s and 60s. TV ads showed the new theme park in California. This popular home movie camera first sold to the public in 1953. It’s often remembered from family gatherings throughout the mid-century. Many stars and filmmakers remember stealing their father’s

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Kodak Brownie Six-20

Every family seemed to have one of these - even the Kennedy’s. Pictured below is a young Ted Kennedy holding his first camera, a Six-20. Broadway and film actress Mary Martin was known to sneak up on people with the Six-20. It was a fun, versatile camera that was

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Kodak Hawkeye Flash

The Hawkeye was produced from 1949 to 1961 by The Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, NY. It eventually replaced the Brownie box camera but used the same 620 film format. The bakelite camera was iconic with its large bell flash unit. This flash popularized indoor shooting with the safety of the P25 blue-dot daylight-type

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Spielberg’s 8mm Movie Cameras

Spielberg’s work spans four decades and includes some of Hollywood’s most successful and cherished movies. Born in 1946 he began making home movies when he was 12 using his dad’s 8mm movie camera and his own model trains. He gradually got other kids to act in his short movies. A

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Revere MCM 8mm Movie Camera

Ted Briskin, son of company founder Samuel Briskin, began managing the Revere Camera Company in 1938. He became one of Chicago’s most successful young businessmen by 1948. He utilized that success to mix it up in Hollywood. Over two decades he married three starlets including Betty Hutton, Joan Dixon and Colleen

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