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Lori Kunzelman – It was love at first light

It was love at first sight. I felt my breath hitch and my heart skip a beat. My eyes were laser-focused on the object of my affection. White noise in my ears, my feet started moving without my brain telling them what to do. I walked tentatively over to the table and gently

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Liz Covey – Capturing the essence of our family history

We are new to the area, having retired recently from the military.  The military has brought us from coast to coast and overseas. At each location we were stationed, I found myself drawn to photography to document our lives in the moment and the world around us, which in part, helped mold us

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Dan Ramsey – Inspiring my home remodel

I stumbled upon Rosie Furniture & Lighting's pop-up grand opening by chance when cycling around   Westfield. Awestruck by their inventory of small still and movie camera lamps, I purchased a vintage art-deco Kodak Brownie Camera Lamp with Edison style hand spun bulb. Other inventory of interest had already sold out! Two additional lamps

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Paul Marotta – Exakta was my very first 35mm camera

My brother-in-law surprised us this year with amazing cool Christmas presents...including this fabulous Exakta from Rosie....and the best part? He had no idea my first real camera from my dad 50 years ago was...an Exakta!!!! Same model in fact!!! Love it! Paul Marotta

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Spielberg’s 8mm Movie Cameras

Spielberg’s work spans four decades and includes some of Hollywood’s most successful and cherished movies. Born in 1946 he began making home movies when he was 12 using his dad’s 8mm movie camera and his own model trains. He gradually got other kids to act in his short movies. A

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Revere MCM 8mm Movie Camera

Ted Briskin, son of company founder Samuel Briskin, began managing the Revere Camera Company in 1938. He became one of Chicago’s most successful young businessmen by 1948. He utilized that success to mix it up in Hollywood. Over two decades he married three starlets including Betty Hutton, Joan Dixon and Colleen

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