The Story Behind the Magic

Rosie is a design and build shop specializing in objects and lighting celebrating creativity and entertainment industries. The company was founded in early 2016 by the creative team of Blair & Jennifer Koss. They both have 20 plus years in management consulting in Fortune 500 companies.

Rosie’s products are original designs based on vintage and upcycled objects. That’s because we love the quality, feel, and heft of things made in the early to mid 20th century. Stylish, distinctive items that were built to last honoring the materials they’re made with. Metal. Fabric. Magic. The spark of its maker embedded.

About the Founders

Blair Koss
Blair KossLighting Designer, Supply Chain, Engineering, Production Operations
Responsible for Rosie’s design and engineering of home décor lighting and supply chain. Blair began in supply chain and engineering in the automotive and aerospace industries. He then became a Principal Consultant at PriceWaterhouse leading teams at various Fortune 100 companies. He then started his own consulting firm iKoss Consulting, a boutique firm.
Jen Koss
Jen KossDesign, Branding, Marketing, Customer Experience
Responsible for Rosie’s design, marketing, and customer experience programming and strategy. Before Rosie, she had 20 years process and organization change consulting. Initiatives included operations, finance, call center, sales retention, and IT functions for manufacturing and hospitality industries.

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