We create joy & share it.

Who is Rosie?


We Believe


We produce heirloom quality items that brighten your day. This creates value for society. We know that hope and inspiration make the future and that’s why our products are made by people who care enough to make great things.


The ultimate experience is still the human experience. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, have opportunity, be safe and healthy, and able to contribute their unique talents.


We do everything we can to minimize waste.  This means reusing where possible and making things that last. Our products are made with the highest quality parts, engineered for long-life and assembled with excellence.

What Makes Rosie Special?

We provide you with imaginative gifts, home décor and lighting for when you want to be fun and memorable. Our playful, cool aesthetic is a fusion of postwar industrial with a splash of modern.

We apply the highest standards to design, manufacturing and storytelling. That’s because we love the quality, feel, and style of things that are built to last. Products that are special and honor the materials they’re made with. Metal. Fabric. Magic. The spark of its human maker embedded.

Our Story

We’re Blair & Jen Koss. We dream, we love, we accept the world as it is. But we think differently. We want to change the world in significant ways. We’re driven to create smiles, happiness, friendship. We put out the kite of inspiration, a beacon of hope, that burst of goodness that’s just at the horizon. Okay you’re 60 words in…

We’re trying to sell you things. Otherwise this all stops. But we’re dedicated to doing so in the most ethical, positive, earth friendly way. We promise.

Blair & Jen Koss Closing Signature

Our Inspiration

Rosie's Workshop WWII Inspiration photo- taken by Howard R. Hollem - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID fsac.1a34951.

19 million women nicknamed “Rosie” held jobs during World War II in the United States. This was an unheard-of number given we had just escaped the Great Depression. Able body women and older men, including many of our relatives, rushed to the factories to do their part helping with the massive worker shortage as men went into the armed services to fight.

We named the company Rosie’s Workshop to honor our relatives. They instilled in us a passion and dedication to sourcing the best quality items. Making products of the highest quality that are timeless and will last for decades.

Besides you can’t say Rosie without smiling and that’s what we ultimately want to do. Make you smile.