Making buttons for leather bracelets from old coins

[/caption] While at the Minnesota State Fair, we visited a vendor who had made some really cool jewelry from old coins. As my BFF is a coin collector who knows where to find old coins cheap, we decided to try making our own unique designs with old coins. He bought me a bag of Buffalo ...

Watercolor Landscape Painting

Rum River Bridge Rum River Bridge Poster at Zazzle Rum River Bridge Poster by rosiesworkshopBrowse other Rum River Bridge Products Rum River Bridge Postage Rum River Bridge by rosiesworkshopCreate custom postage using Zazzle I painted the Rum River Bridge painting after taking a class on mixing colors in watercolor. The course taught me about using ...

From apartment to studio

Well, a lot of happened in my little apartment this year. This Spring, I just couldn’t stand how difficult it was to find my stuff to make more stuff. The problem was that it was set up in the traditional kitchen, living room, bedroom and office layout. All my art stuff, jewelry making, fabric art ...

Photoshop Elements – Designing with layers in mind.

Recently, I bought a book on the art of Calligraphy. In the book, it suggests to place tracing paper over the rough draft of your work to use as a guide for a more professional result. It also suggests to use paper that has a grid to keep your letters evenly spaced and in neat ...

Chinese Brush Painting

One of my favorite art instruction books is, How to Draw and Paint Watercolor, The Collector’s Series, by Walter Foster Publishing, Inc., published in 1991. It was republished as The Art of Watercolor by Walter Foster Publishing, Inc.

Creating a small garden

In the Spring of 2006, we decided to plant a garden in the front yard. We had put in a few plants the year before that had been moved from our old house, which included; Iris, Daylily, Tiger Lilly, and Phlox.

Watercolor painting is a fun adventure.

Whenever I need a little “me” time, I take out my Art Instruction books for inspiration on maybe a new painting or to improve on an idea that I started but not finished. Usually, my paintings are never really finished, they are just stepping stones. One drawing or painting becomes a new one with a ...

Blue Geranium Drawing

One fine summer day When the flowers in my garden were all in bloom, The sun was shining, Birds were singing, Cats were sleeping in the yard, I picked a blossom of a blue geranium. In my summer studio, I carefully placed the flower On my desk.

My Zazzle MySpace Merch Booth 1

Zazzle has a promotional widget called the MySpace Merch Booth. It is found in My Zazzle on the Store tab under Promote Your Store To Boost Sales. It gives the customer the ability to design their own products using their own images and text. When designing my Merch Store, I decided to create template images ...

My Garden Designs

Many of my designs for my Zazzle and Cafepress products come from photographs or drawings of flowers in my garden. If you would like to read about my garden, visit my Squidoo Lense. These are a few of my garden inspired designs.