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Welcome to my web site.  Thank you for
visiting.  On this site you will find links to my
web sites.   Also, I like to tell stories, so you
might find some stories about my ancestors, and
my adventures.   You can also find me on
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Hand Wrapped Bright Copper Fire Agate
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Rosie's Jewelry 2 web site
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link to Minnesota Pioneers
Click on the image to read stories and view pictures of my great
grandparents experiences when immigrating to America.
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Lily & Scroll Paper Products
Shown above, Lily Scroll Blue Label, Lily Scroll Blue
Letterhead and Lily Scroll Blue Invitation.  Available at
www.zazzle.com/rosiesworkshop/The Card Shop/Labels,
The Card Shop/Letterhead and Stationery and The Card
Shop/ Invitations.
Magnets at Rosie's Workshop at Zazzle.com
Shown above, Move the Cat Magnet, Smokey Magnet, You
Can't Eat Money Magnet, A dog is .... magnet,  Dogs have
owners, cats have staff refrigerator magnet.  Available at
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